A Quote from Aspen Tiller

“That is proper etiquette, is it not? To beg forgiveness of those we wrong?”

~ Aspen Tiller, Noble Courage Chapter 3

This is one step in relationships that often gets neglected. Asking for forgiveness is an important part of proper healing. However, many times the one doing the wrong cannot swallow their pride and admit that they have done wrong. When anyone asks you for forgiveness, dig deep within your heart and try to find it in you to accept. It took a lot for them to come to you in the first place.

If we all made more of a practice of telling someone how sorry we are, perhaps there would be fewer broken families or children that grow up holding a grudge and spend their lives angry.  And although there are some things that can’t be worked out, many can and just aren’t. Be an angel to someone else. Guide them to a path where they too can find your degree of happiness, self esteem, or sucess. You will feel all the better for it!

I love my family dearly. My children are my life and my husband is my prince. We are a blended family and hit speed bumps along the way all the time. It is the power of “Oh man, I am really sorry!” that helps to keep us together. There are times when it is inadvertent that we offend someone, and times when it is quite intentional. But the elelment of asking someone to forgive them and start again is key to our survival! lol

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