It’s Fan Friday!

Today marks the first day of “Fan Friday”!

If you would like to be represented as a fictional character in my books, you need to let me know on my Friday posts. I want to know your name, a photo of you, why you want to be included in the story, and your favorite part in any of my books. I know, I know, it is hard to choose one single part. But when you think about them, one image has to come to mind. I want to know about that moment.

As fans of my books, I want to do something fun that will give you a very personal attachment to what you read. Placing yourself in the middle of all the action just makes it even more fun. Am I doing this because I can’t think of new characters? Of course not. I have so many in my head, I could never run out of them. But while your character may not be a main character, you will be mentioned or included at some point.

Out of everyone that turns in their entry, one will be chosen each week! If you don’t win, try again. I will announce the winner on the Monday after, giving me the weekend to go through the entries.

I look forward to seeing your posts!


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