“Aspen walked around her room admiring every flower in every vase until she spotted one particular bouquet. She had to stoop to pick it up and it appeared to be the only one without water. She stared at it as a smile touched her face and a tear gathered at the corner of her eye. It was a small gathering of weeds held together by the sash off of a dress. It was a child’s gift and the dearest one to her. It was the kind of gift she would have given as a child being poor but not uncharitable.” ~ Noble Courage, Chapter 8

So while this all happens at a little more melancholy part of the book, my very awesome friend, Burgandy is her name, claims to be my biggest fan and when I had surgery a few months after the release of this book, she took the time to come and see me…and brought me a sweet bouquet of weeds. I will never forget that gesture. Ever. When I think about it, I smile. My work affected someone so much that she would bring the story to life by doing something like that. I miss her calling me asking me what Thorne and Aspen are up to.

Friends are just special people. Keep them close to you always. There are few things better than just being able to call up your friend and talk out your troubles, someone who loves you for you and will always be there. I love my friends, and I love my Burgandy. It is a better world with all of you in it.  🙂

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