Coming Soon!

My first book, Noble Courage, has been out in book form since 2006. It wasn’t really the experience I thought it would be, having a publisher, plus they were so small that the books cost a fortune. I have been most frustrated by it all and kind of threw in the towel for a while.

Then, I discovered This was an experiment to see if digital copies really sell better. I, myself, have become an ebook junkie of sorts. However, I don’t think that people realize that Smashwords gives you a choice in formats so you can read the book on any device. So, needless to say, unless I put my book on special for free, I had very few downloads.

I read an ebook on marketing your book and one program that was encouraged was the Kindle program. I have unpublished that first book from Smashwords, that’s why you haven’t been able to download it  lately, and am just waiting for all other outlets like Nook and Kobo to take me out of their catalogs.

Any day now, I will be able to republish Noble Courage with the Kindle program. It will be available at $2.99 for a book that is physically almost 500 pages. I will let you know if it goes on sale for less than that.

So if you have been looking for this book and can’t get it downloaded, this is why. I will be celebrating having it up on another site and see how this portion of my experiment goes! If you want to learn more about this or any of my books, feel free to visit my site!

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