Doctor Love’s Two Cents…

“My boy, do not be so rash as to throw death at everyone. It should be God who takes a life, not another person.” ~ Doctor Love, Noble Courage Chapter 9

Humanity is so quick to steal that which does not belong to them…including life. It is such a gift and yet so many of us make those sad decisions that bring about the ultimate end of another’s life. Yes, I am most fortunate that I do not have to make those choices. Nor could I, I don’t think. Although my writing is riddled with death, it is the taking of imaginary people who come alive upon my pages. However, I’m so glad that it isn’t on my word that young men and women die on foreign soil. But I do recognize that those brave souls fight to protect me…and they don’t even know who I am. It amazes me that such a bond could be forged between people who have never met. Yet the pride I feel becomes all the stronger because one of my own is willing to be one of those who risks his life so that we can continue to live ours. Thank you to our military and thank you to Alex for paying the price I could not.

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