I Guess I am Sticking my Toes in the Water

I have been contemplating what to do with the other three books I have out for download through Smashwords.com. With very little feedback from anyone, I decided I really have little to lose and unpublished The Price of Power yesterday. Now, I just wait and see what happens, how long it takes retailers to remove that book from their catalogs and then be able to activate it with Kindle. *Deep Breath*

I don’t know why it is such a scary move for me, or why I even have to think on it at all. But it is. It is like letting go of a child, letting them out into the cruel world with no way for me to stand up and defend them against the harsh eyes of critics, but I can celebrate with them as they become well received by the fans.

You know, I started my first book, Noble Courage, when I was 26. It took me seven years to complete it I was 33 when I got up the guts to publish it and that was because a woman who has become a very good friend, told me to get it out there. That is seven years of my life I laughed, cried, loved, and hated my characters and now I make 35 cents each time a reader takes a chance on me. lol I love you all dearly for reading, I really do.

Book two was really hard for me. When a year had gone by and I didn’t even have one chapter done, I wrote a small prequel to keep my readers satisfied. But inspiration finally hit me and Book Two, The Price of Power, had to be split into two books. That second half had to be split again for a third book,Tears of Penance, and Book Four, Salvation of the Forgotten was a very emotional voyage for me and was just released for purchase a couple of months ago.

So I guess my whole point was just to say that I have made quite the journey. I’ve had to dust off my clothes after being beaten into the dirt of haters. But I have done it and I’m determined to make something of myself.

Noble Courage on Kindle! .99

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