Day 2 of the free Noble Courage promo!

Noble Courage Free eBook!
This is day two to be able to download Noble Courage for free. Sale ends tomorrow, come on, take a chance! 🙂

Noble Courage is now LIVE!!

Brand new cover for the new version of Noble Courage’s eBook!

Okay! Noble Courage is now LIVE! And, starting tomorrow, it will be free for 3 days! This is your chance to take a chance on an author trying to break into the industry and it won’t cost you a thing. Even better, you are able to lend this to others you know who have a Kindle. So help me spread the word, please!
What?? You don’t have a Kindle? That is okay, there are free apps for your devices that will allow for the download too.
I’m thanking you all for your support right now! 🙂

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Simple Ways to Market your Book!

This article is from a guest poster and is about some of the easy little things we can do, and forget to do, besides just all the social media marketing that has become commonplace.

We are all learning the advantages of social media and the internet when it comes to reaching out and selling books. However, in dedicating so much time to the digital world, we have not grown to improve our business building skills between us and our face to face customers. As writers, many of us don’t like to step out be outgoing with strangers nor do we always like to toot our own horn. Marketing online only may work, but you create a personal following when you come out of your house and strut your stuff to the public around you.

  • Bookmarks: Having a bookmark image designed and printed is a great way to connect with potential readers. Leaving a small stack of them in bookstores generates a want in people. Leaving them on the table after you eat out will make it possible to have your name land in someone else’s hands. Remember that it only takes one loud person to discover your book and you will have more readers than you know what to do with.
  • Business Cards: While bookmarks can be expensive, you can create a business card that you can give out to people you run into. Hand them to your checker at the grocery store. Mail them with your bills (I know, we pay so many of them online). However, to just spend the 42 cents on a stamp for marketing, you are reaching those people you would never know. And if you are running a special, print a label you can stick on the back with a coupon code or dates of free downloads.
  • Book Signings: While these can be very scary to some writers, they are a great time to come out as a celebrity. You can do them in bookstores or have them elsewhere like in a hotel conference room or the library. Even outdoor booth space type shows or events can constitute as a signing. Create a buzz about your event online and offer prizes for those who bring someone with them. This doubles your exposure. At the signing, hold a drawing for your newest release. The forms you collect from the drawing will give you the information you need to add them to your social media contacts. Part of getting people’s attention and making them interested enough to stop requires a very visual set up. A large poster, of your book’s cover, your other signing dates, and maybe your bio, on an easel in close proximity to your table will help you.
  • Vinyl Letters on your Car: Having your book’s title and your web address cut out of weather resistant vinyl and spread across the back window of your car will show that you are most proud of your work. How many customers do you miss everyday sitting in traffic? This is a low-cost way to get your website in front of the average person. White is simple and shows up well while neon colors are attention grabbing. Never do black, it will blend into the interior of your vehicle.

Although the internet is the easy, risk free way to market to people far away from you, it is still important to make an image for yourself. Be that author who makes regular appearances for their fans and future readers. Their voices get pretty loud when they are excited about what you do for them…which is writing. Share the love.

Jessica Reynolds loves spending time with her family and living life through photography and art. She has spent considerable time running her own businesses while raising her kids. Currently, she blogs for Poster Session, a large format poster printer.

Just 12 Hours!

That is how long before Noble Courage will be available for download. For just $2.99 you will get the full version of a book almost 500 pages in length! This is very exciting for me since people just don’t understand how Smashwords works. This should be a much more user friendly avenue!  🙂 By mid morning tomorrow, you can be reading the very beginning of my series!

Happy Reading…

Doctor Love’s Two Cents…

“My boy, do not be so rash as to throw death at everyone. It should be God who takes a life, not another person.” ~ Doctor Love, Noble Courage Chapter 9

Humanity is so quick to steal that which does not belong to them…including life. It is such a gift and yet so many of us make those sad decisions that bring about the ultimate end of another’s life. Yes, I am most fortunate that I do not have to make those choices. Nor could I, I don’t think. Although my writing is riddled with death, it is the taking of imaginary people who come alive upon my pages. However, I’m so glad that it isn’t on my word that young men and women die on foreign soil. But I do recognize that those brave souls fight to protect me…and they don’t even know who I am. It amazes me that such a bond could be forged between people who have never met. Yet the pride I feel becomes all the stronger because one of my own is willing to be one of those who risks his life so that we can continue to live ours. Thank you to our military and thank you to Alex for paying the price I could not.

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Coming Soon!

My first book, Noble Courage, has been out in book form since 2006. It wasn’t really the experience I thought it would be, having a publisher, plus they were so small that the books cost a fortune. I have been most frustrated by it all and kind of threw in the towel for a while.

Then, I discovered This was an experiment to see if digital copies really sell better. I, myself, have become an ebook junkie of sorts. However, I don’t think that people realize that Smashwords gives you a choice in formats so you can read the book on any device. So, needless to say, unless I put my book on special for free, I had very few downloads.

I read an ebook on marketing your book and one program that was encouraged was the Kindle program. I have unpublished that first book from Smashwords, that’s why you haven’t been able to download it  lately, and am just waiting for all other outlets like Nook and Kobo to take me out of their catalogs.

Any day now, I will be able to republish Noble Courage with the Kindle program. It will be available at $2.99 for a book that is physically almost 500 pages. I will let you know if it goes on sale for less than that.

So if you have been looking for this book and can’t get it downloaded, this is why. I will be celebrating having it up on another site and see how this portion of my experiment goes! If you want to learn more about this or any of my books, feel free to visit my site!