Sweet Little Mira from Noble Courage

How different children are today than they used to be. I see the differences in my own kids from when I was a kid their age. Don’t get me wrong here, there are many similarities too…

I have tried my hardest to instill in my children the value of work. They are more than eager to go work for someone else (like mowing lawns or washing cars, lol) but they won’t do chores around the house to help out. Why is that?

I remember when five dollars a week for allowance was nice cash to have! However, nowadays kids would rather go without the five bucks in their pocket to be able to do their own thing. No, they want twenty bucks to mow the lawn. They want ten bucks to wash the car. They expect money for doing the simple everyday chores around the house.

I can understand wanting to make your way in the world, but it takes work to do that. I will pay for a stellar job done and great work ethic. Few kids possess this anymore. Why is that? Because they are Millennial kids. They have been raised in a technological society that hands them things almost instantly and they are used to that. They want more of that in everything that they do…including work. These kids really do want money for doing nothing.

So it rests upon us to continue to train them up and teach them the way we were taught and mold them into good responsible adults. Perhaps one day, our technology will no longer be around. These kids won’t know what to do. But it will bring back the fairly forgotten imagination again and force us all to do more for ourselves.

I love my kids with all my heart. I think they will be great people in society as they continue to grow and I am proud of my son who is putting himself through college because he wants a better life. I hope I had something to do with that. 🙂

“I thought I could stay here and do chores for you. See how pretty she is? I can be her pretty helper and you could pay me some tiny money, my lord,” she begged.

Money isn’t so tiny anymore, from a child’s perspective. But Mira was motivated and haunted. She also wanted a better life. I suppose we should all be careful what we wish for and find happiness in what we have around us. Do something to make each day a great one and pass our ethics, our morals, and our knowledge to them so they can be successful too!

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