If you are Wondering what People are Saying…

This is the most current review on my series, spoken from the heart and with much love from a very dear reader.

“Hmm where to begin, first of all this for me was easily my favorite of the now 5 books I’ve read completely thru. Starting with Noble Courage then The Tales of Elgolan to The Price of Power to Tears of Penance I finally nestled in to this deep n enchanting read of Salvation of the forgotten. I truly was riveted from the beginning till the end. I read the entire 343 pages in 2 days or sittings. Calling this my favorite in no way means the previous books were anything but great, its just that this for me took the story out of the semi expected happenings to events that no one cud see coming, the dramatic journey to the valley to all the triumphs to the quick n sudden tragedies and ever evolving relationships of all the characters simply had me n my imagination deeply immersed in its charm n clever delivery, from the way the author portrays them to the rich accents to the details of emotion and expression it is rich with flavor and texture. I’d trully recommend this to any1 who enjoys taking a medieval trip n journey where the unexpected happens often n explosively to the tender moments that remind ourselves of our spiritual selves n care n love n compassion for the human race. Thank you, the good lord, for allowing me to chance upon Daisha in my weary travels n to discover the treasure of stories she so graciously shares with us lucky readers. It is n was such an honor to be asked to be the image for “Cappy” the captain of the guard of the castle. Can’t wait till the Benevolent light is available.” ~ John aka Cappy

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