Why Writing? GUEST POST


The idea behind this guest post today is “inspiration”. My friend, Cheryl Alleway, is an author up and coming in the literary world. Her book “Of Blade and Valor” will be releasing in a couple of months so be on the lookout! 😀 The photo above was taken by Cheryl and was a place of inspiration for her. It was in the backyard of a Welsh mansion she stayed at while on a holiday. She told me, “Beautiful place…haunting actually. If you want to talk about inspiration…this place surely fit the bill!”

When I write, I find that I do my best work when I am inspired. Some will say that their husband is their muse…that a place in their backyard brings forth ideas and feelings. I find inspiration through many aspects of my life. Ironically, I do my very best work when I experience grief. Not always the kind of grief that comes with losing a friend or family member, no, I seem to really get in touch with my feelings and all my senses when I am sad. Maybe I had the worst day at work. Perhaps I fought with my kids. There are times that finances can get me really down. But those are the times that I take advantage of my sorrow and just pour out my thoughts and feelings on paper…er, computer. When I get on a roll, my husband asks me if I am vomiting words again. The answer is, yes. But does that mean that I only write well when I am sad? No, I write all the time. But in reading my work, you can definitely tell when my life was turbulent. 😀

How do you find your inspiration? What kinds of things stimulate your thoughts and feelings to come forth and help you get that writing project done? It is interesting to get other writers’ takes on finding that “muse”. Feel free to chime in and share your thoughts!~D.M. Korth

How do we decide one day to become a writer?

Well, the answer is different for all of us, but there are commonalities between writers that might help with the answer. I believe most importantly that we are inspired by many things around us, and don’t forget reading. As an adult writing a novel, have you ever thought back to some of the works we read as a child? Here are some I remember: The Bell Jar, Wuthering Heights, The Great Gatsby, Never Cry Wolf, Tolkien (all if it), Moby Dick, Tom Sawyer and so many more! Think about the influences way back then and now look at the epic, romantic, thrillers that are sitting there waiting for the taking. We’ve been given a lifetime of inspiration through adventure, mystery, action and leaps of faith. No wonder we are stimulated to write the next big tale.

There is something inside those who love to write that is stirred by life itself. Some are inspired by darkness, treachery and wish to explore how someone is drawn into that world. Some are mystified by fantasy and the unknown of the spirit world. There are those who look up and are in awe of the world beyond ours that lies amongst the stars. History pushes people like me to look back at what has been and examine how our predecessors survived lives so harsh it is unbelievable at times. Thus the exploration of one’s own imagination becomes the catalyst for some of the greatest works of all. We are influenced and molded into who we are by what we see, touch, taste and feel inside. The world is at times volatile, dark, beautiful and heartwarming all at the same time. Our lives are individual and our experiences even more so.

It is an infinite sea of adventure to us and I believe that inspiration with its many faces breeds the author mentality as it does many other creative endeavors. It is like a drug when we grasp a subject that intrigues us. We run with it and images race through our minds as we see the story unfold. We are mesmerized by them and thus we are motivated to write it down. To feel that someone else could experience the same excitement as we did writing it is then the next step. We desire to share it because we are so passionate about what we’ve discovered. It is the need to teach, present, educate that pushes us to take that step into publishing something that we’ve poured our hearts into. In the end it is like showing the world our child. It is a part of us. When I read the work of the greatest authors of the world, I feel it in them as well. Inspiration drove them to what they are today.

What inspires you as a writer? Grab onto it, embrace it and write! – C. Alleway

Cheryl Alleway is a native of Ontario, Canada where she loves the outdoors as much as she loves writing. Her book “Of Blade and Valor” is set to be released in mid 2013 by Twisted Willow Press. Her love of the medieval world stimulates many of her tales, which are told in her unique voice.

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