Of Blade and Valor Book Tour!!

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So I must call upon all me fellow bloggers and readers…even authors.

Today is a really special day for a great gal that I have really come to admire. It is her day…the day her book is brought to life. She has walked carefully out on the plank and stared down into the waters swimming with the sharks of the literary world, but seeing her dreams on the ocean floor, jumped right in. This girl has put in countless hours preparing, learning, and writing for all of you.

The problem we face, as writers, the the lack of support from the very people who read books.

So I am asking you all to get involved today. Visit the post that will kick off Cheryl’s tour and participate. Download your copy and be entered to win prizes! We were able to pull a bunch of bloggers together to make this tour a lot of fun for you as readers. Click here for the schedule of stops!

We beg you, yes this is me begging, to share this among your audiences and help to propel this young woman to great heights.

When it is your turn to sit in the spotlight, you know we will be behind you as well! We appreciate your support! Feel free to reblog the Twisted Willow Press post today!

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7 responses to “Of Blade and Valor Book Tour!!

  1. Reblogged this on dairyairhead and commented:
    Check out the book tour for Cheryl Alleway’s “Of Blade and Valor”! In the first post, you get an in depth interview with Jacob Douglas, a rugged Scotsman with a life full of heartache and trial, but who never stopped living with passion and pererverance.

  2. I am doing some promoting for my daughters website, but as soon as it is done, I will reblog this and try to help however I can. It would be awesome to get this sort of support for my books.

    • We would appreciate any help we can get, Arthur! Perhaps your daughter, who is managing you, right? Well, maybe she could put a tour together for you… 😀 I would be a part of it for sure! These people have been so great to help not just Cheryl, but my own publishing company as well. 😀 I am so thankful for them!

  3. That is why I embarked on this journey to publish and help authors. I can take over your first book and continue that support through following books as well. One thing I do know, as an author it is so much harder to do it all yourself. It doesn’t work. You have to team up and band together as artists in the same craft. I don’t know everything, but I am pretty knowledgeable about most things concerning publishing. But I also learn more everyday. Talk to Cheryl and see how she feels about working with me… I’m willing to take you on, Arthur. Then, we can be more one on one in working. The anthology is hard because it is a group of authors I knew before starting my publishing company. Jordan is doing all the formatting, where I normally do all that. I am just helping us all get it into print and all that. But for one author, I help you from beginning to end. Unless you sign off on it, I don’t do it. Think about it. We can bring you closer into our circle and help each other out better! 😀

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