A Couple Of Wanderlings…

5.27.12 519

Being the writer/photographer that I am, I love to travel. I love to see new places and more than that, I love to share my passions with my husband of seven years.

So, we turned what we both love to do into a blog. Yeah, I know there are tons of travel blogs out there, and I know many travel as their job. But that’s the difference. We do it because we love it. We are real people going on adventures together. So, with that in mind, what you might read from us will always be the absolute from our hearts truth on something.

We have just decided to begin a new adventure together, one that will take us to places we never knew existed. Then, we bring it to you!

Now I want you to go to our site, A Couple Of Wanderlings and follow us we wander the world together. Your support by reading what we have to say is a gift. We both appreciate you all!


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