Poem from the Archives…

Karen Xavier Photography

Karen Xavier Photography

So I was cleaning a few days ago and happened to come across a poem I wrote some time ago. It is one of my favorites so I thought I should share. Poetry is super emotional for me and happens on rare occasions. Hope you enjoy this one!

Romeo’s Light

By Daisha Marie Korth

Now I lay me down to sleep,

Your Promises, I pray you’ll keep.

And if I’m not Destined to wake,

My memories of you I will take.

So if I am Blessed enough to rise,

I hope you won’t be my demise.

For you are all that’s good and bright,

When the world is dark as night.

Silently, you beckon to me…

I walk to you faithfully.

Shedding armor with every step

Until vulnerability is all that’s left.

By taking my hand, you’ve helped me see,

The world’s not as ugly as I thought it to be.

Still I struggle to understand,

How could I care for you? You’re a man!

Men are barbarous, torturous things,

Makes Hell a place I wish to be.

But you feel safe, like candlelight.

Your voice is soft, your embrace tight.

I’m just one star in a sea of sky,

Can’t help but ask, “Me? Why?”

So many stars shine so bright,

Not even you could resist their light.

But this, Romeo, is what you are to me,

Penned on paper for you to see.

When I wake, you are the sun.

My smile, solace, and compassion.

With my insomnia, you are the silver beams,

Sensual, mysterious, my absent dreams.

It’s like you sucked the world inside,

And you share it with me through your eyes.

And when it’s time to say ‘goodnight’,

It’s impossible to turn out your light.

What happens when tomorrow comes,

And you forget who I’ve become?

I’m left alone in this dark world,

With the Bump in the Night and his sharp sword.

No morns, no night, they’re all one…

No more armor, he’s got it won.

My castle, my prison, no difference here.

Just waiting for Romeo’s light to appear.

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