Game of Literary Thrones


Game of Thrones is like this huge and completely mesmerizing series. My hubby and I love it and hang on every minute of it!

There are few authors in this world who are chosen to have their worlds represented on the big screen. To me, that’s a shame. There are so many great stories out there and all Hollywood has to do is choose just about any book out there and they would have blockbusters like crazy!

So what is it that raises those select few authors to their literary thrones? What games are necessary to win the war of popularity?

If I look at popular authors of our day who are fortunate enough to have been recognized, I see many different aspects to their work. There is definitely action, adventure, love and hate, conflict, adversity, and characters that feel like friends.

Who feels they have that very book? Who wonders why you aren’t entitled to the same privileges as other authors? I will admit to having those thoughts. You know, I can’t count the times that readers have told me that they like my books better than Twilight. So of course, I wonder why is still claw my way to the top.

But my desire to see my work on the screen is not for the fame and wealth, but for the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. My characters are very real to me, and to many other readers, for that matter. To see them translate on television would be the ultimate joy.

The sad reality is that many deserving writers will never be recognized for their efforts. So how do you take solace in that fact? How do you handle being the peasant forever, watching others equal to you being knighted or even given the throne?

You must forge on. You must write like no one will read you. You must love what you do and empower those who love your work. You must wear your own crown and be the royalty in your own realm. Be good to yourself and love those around you, good and bad. You can’t bask in the light of the positive if you don’t have the opposing darkness also.

So what does your realm look like? Is your crown plain or is it heavily jeweled? What is your throne like? Does it swallow you up or do you dominate that stool? Is it designed defensively or is it warm and welcoming?

My realm is heavily described in The Aspen Series. It has light places and dark places. My crown is modest on design with just enough flair to be impressive. My throne is comfortable more than beautiful. I’ve sat upon it long enough that it has conformed to my body, not the other way around. I have the power in me to embrace my naysayers or to banish them to the dungeons. I can applaud those who bow to my talents and extend my arms around them to show my love. I can become allies with others who rule their own realms. Together, we make up the literary Middle Earth. Own your piece of it!

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Each Day is a New Beginning…

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Easter is a very special day for me on many levels.  This last year has held many milestones in my life and it is easy to feel bogged down and overwhelmed with life. As you withdraw from the things you love, it only makes you more sad and detached.

There comes a time for most people when you take time to reflect on how things are, how things have been, and where you want to go. But getting to this point can be slow and painful. This was me. A year full of great joy and equally great sorrow has left me feeling hollow and spent. I had given up on several goals and dreams, and I let others dictate the path I was walking.

Today, that all ends.

This is a day of reflection, at long last. It’s a day where I choose to grow and find my own way in the world. I refuse to allow other people to control the rudder on the ship of my life. I am the captain. I always was, but I let my crew influence how I performed instead of taking charge.

I have discovered what I am best at and what I love…what I am passionate about. This is the year to shine!

So many people feel that New Year’s is about making goals and resolutions. But such a special day as Easter Sunday brings my life into proportion and fills me with a new energy. I don’t strive to be famous or wealthy. I just want to make a difference in someone’s life. Don’t get me wrong, a bestselling novel would be amazing. But I’m content to know that my words and my actions have helped one person in my journey through my life.

So here’s to new beginnings! Here’s to putting together a different strategy for steering my life in the direction I wish to go. I hope you will join me in that journey.

I want to thank a few people for their support, whether they know they were influential or not, I love them all!

My husband is right up there at the top. But those who aren’t close to me physically are Seumas Gallacher, Jeriann Watkins, Cynthia Hepner, Arthur Browne, and several others who graced me with their own thoughts, posts, and books. Take a moment to visit these amazing friends of mine and perhaps they will grace your life as well!

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…open invitation to Authors… come show yer wares here… #TBSU…

I’m reblogging these sentiments from an awesome author, an Old Jurassic (his own term for himself), and someone in the literary world that I respect. While I’ve taken some time to evaluate my writing as of late, I still read posts from several great bloggers! But alas, I don’t take the time to share them. I need to and I plan to…

Seumas Gallacher

…yesterday I re-blogged a superb post by my good pal, Susan M. Toy… in it she espoused much of my own sentiments about ‘paying it forward’… giving a leg up to other scribblers, indies or traditional… arguments may rage in other quarters about the supposed ‘battle’ ‘twixt self-publishingand traditional publishing… to me, that discussion matters not one jot… the essential thing is that all we quill-scrapers share a common bond… we write to be read… the emergence of the Great God Amazon Kindle and other ePublishing channels has produced an eruption of wannabe Nobel Literary Prize aspirants… the proliferation of new titles is an awesome readers’ tsunami… the discussion on ‘free books’ versus ‘paid tomes’ online is also a bit of a red herring too… I believe that discerning readers have no reluctance to pay for books… but good books, interesting books, well-written books, entertaining…

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