I spent my entire teenage existence being bullied. I fell into the trap of eating disorders and depression. I tried to take my own life several times. And it was all because of how I was treated by other people’s children.
I’ve watched as my children have become the prey for those same kinds of bullies, one even threatening my oldest son’s life if he stepped foot on school grounds. This was done in text message to my child while he was at home. What did the school do about it? Nothing. It was not on school grounds, it was after hours, and no one could prove this other boy actually sent it. Are you kidding me? We lived in a sweet little town and this kid was also the same skin color as my son. What did they expect me to do? I asked them that question and they told me to bring him to school and pick him back up. I simply asked them, “in a body bag?”
They had no reply for me.
It’s passed time for us to teach our children tolerance and kindness. This ever evolving cycle of hate, discrimination, and condemnation needs to stop.
This post that I’m reblogging does a super job at getting inside the head of the abused. Please read and bring this issue to light. I loved it! Thanks for being in my corner!

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