Oh my Goodness! Cinderella is my Idol!


So the hubby and I went to see the newest rendition of Cinderella and I must say, I felt like a princess when I left the theater! While some may not have liked it, I absolutely loved the message that no matter who you are, be who you want to be. Have courage and be kind. 

And so I turn my mind to Aspen, who has been occupying my thoughts as of late, and knowing the hardships that await her in this last book “The Key of the Kingdom”, I can’t wait to connect with her and spur those adventures forward. 

I must say, I don’t want to return to my regular old life. I want to keep that royal mentality, that there is so much more to me than what people see. That I’m special and unique, much like Aspen isn’t your run of the mill heroine, yet she is human. Weak even, sometimes. But she has courage and she is kind. And she wears a crown well.

I will wrap this Cinderella story in my heart and wear my invisible crown impeccably…as my sweet Aspen has shown me how. 

My words of advice: Keep calm and wear the crown. If it gets a little off kilter, straighten it and move on. But always have courage and always show kindness.

Pick up Noble Courage and fall in love with Thorne and Aspen. Take a vacation to my world where Aspen resides…always waiting for my return.

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