Honoring Those Who Gave us Everything…Then and Now #MFRWAuthor

This was in my feed this morning and it stirred much emotion in me. I cannot find the words to express my gratitude for those who protect my freedom. Sad as war is, I’ve come to realize that it is a brutal part of human nature and the struggle for power. It is the innocent casualties that are the real tragedy of these times.

I have written of wars but I have also written of times of peace. Yet, my fictional militia is always at the walls, ready to protect those within. So are our military personnel. My grandfather, my step-son, my brother-in-law…these men have served their country…have served me. And all of them were changed by it. Please don’t forget their sacrifice.

Mona Karel Author

When I contemplated talking about Memorial Day, my mind went several different directions (no surprise there) I thought about my uncle Dick who died in Korea…I once read a letter he wrote home explaining why he believed he needed to be there. I thought about the young sailors I met while living in Japan. When they were in port I’d meet them at the roller skating rink in Yokosuka, or visit them in the hospitals…at least those lucky enough to come back. I thought about wars extending back through time. Then as now, young people fought against each other to fulfill the wishes of others. Always, The Charge of the Light Brigade plays through my head. A tragic loss of brave young men, following misunderstood orders potentially tainted by personal animosity. The truth of historical events does not always live up to the stories we’ve been told.

Tennyson eulogized those…

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