In Celebration of Indie Authors Everywhere!



Being an Indie Author is hard work! It means wearing the hat of writer, publisher, and marketer all at once. (And there is so much more to it than just that.)

I guess today is Indie Pride Day. A day to celebrate those authors that bust their behinds to make their dreams come true. No big company to pass the load off to, no one to tell you what would work the best, and no one to tell you that you’re on the right track! You are everything. A one man band that wears many different hats. It’s hard work and I applaud those that jump in and do it.

So whether you are an author or a reader, take just a moment to embrace an Indie Author and buy their book. Show them some extra love and support. I’m sure most gave their work on sale.

In fact, all of my published works through Smashwords is on sale! If you are looking to find a great new read for your weekend trip, this is the place! Just tap here for the books I have on sale through the end of July. Be sure to use coupon code SSW50 to get your 50% off! And as always, Noble Courage: Book One of the Aspen Series is always free!

And, you can delve a little deeper into my mind by reading my author interview on Smashwords as well! You might learn something new about me in the process!

If you are wanting more, sign up for my Lords and Ladies Club for a FREE ebook delivered right to your inbox. The Serpent Strikes is the first installment in the prequel that started it all.

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