Salvation of the Forgotten: Book Four of the Aspen Series


Salvation of the Forgotten: Book Four of the Aspen Series

As Baroness of Shadowed Meadow, it is Aspen Darktower’s duty to transform the forgotten village into a prosperous place to live by order of King Rothan. But it seems as though there is some sort of enchantment over the lush green grasses and rushing river, leaving it to remain primitive and backward, resistant to change. The unity of the Darktower people begins to crack, like weathered stone, and a once very tightly knitted group is torn to shreds by poverty, illness, and battles brought on by bloodthirsty men. And in the very center of the storm, Rayven has plans of his own, set out to destroy Thorne and claim Aspen for his master, Dracul, for reasons he cannot understand. It lies within the Twelve to see the greater good and save the people they have sworn to protect. To be among the saved, you must first take the fall to be built up strong again!

“Stop your damn crying for no one cares that you know how to cry! Your tears do not impress anyone! Least of all me! You could be a queen, Aspen Darktower! You simply have no faith in yourself at all and it frustrates the Hell out of me to see you walk around a waste of skin! Be the bloody leader you are meant to be and take back your village!” ~ Sir Lernmoore


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