Being the Miracle


My writing has been slow these last several months and my attention to my books has been shifted in a new direction. No, I’m not stopping, but I needed to take some time to go on a journey of self discovery.

It’s been a crazy year of changes and learning about life and what makes me tick. Writing has been an outlet to expel negative thoughts and emotions but also to celebrate victories. It just wasn’t quite enough. There was one event that really had a huge impact and it forced me to take a step back and evaluate where my life was headed.

In going through my journey, I’ve noticed how many others are in the same boat I was. I’m definitely not perfect, but shifting myself to better places takes time and effort. With healthcare being what it is, I feel that every single person in our world deserves to enlighten themselves, if they so desire.

Through many hours of prayer, meditation, and brain storming, I’ve decided to continue working on a project I had started a couple of years ago: Being the Miracle. 

This book is designed to be a journal that spans the realms of feeding the body, moving the body, and loving the body. It’s aimed at raising the personal energetic vibration of those who use it and inspire a collective sense of well being in our communities. 

My journey has been very profound and I wish that for all people. Discard the rigid, negative shell that you’ve built as a fortress around your heart and start living life as you were intended to!


I have no release date at this time, but I am working hard at getting it finished and finalized. So keep watching for more information and share with those who would benefit. Uh, that’s everyone.

Time to go recharge at the lake! Have an amazing week!