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I told you I would get you the links…I suppose it is technically the 17th now!

So here are your links to the new release: The Benevolent Light by Daisha Marie Korth : This gives you instantaneous access to the book in Kindle version. No Kindle?? I got ya. Here is the link to download the FREE Kindle app! : Order your paper copy here!

Want an autographed paper copy?? Shoot me an email at and I will work it out with you! 😀

Have an eBook version?? Get it autograph at Authorgraph!

Need the rest of the series?? HERE it is!

Okay! Now go read and tell me what you think of it!! There is only one more installment to The Aspen Series…sadly, it is coming to an end. 😦 So enjoy each word and every dramatic scene in this epic medieval series!


NEW RELEASE! The Benevolent Light: Book Five of the Aspen Series

RothanCover2updatedAhhh…It is so good to be back. I have admittedly been so stressed about this book being finished, I have done little else!

I appreciate you all for sticking by me, kicking me in the rear from time to time, and making this event possible. I have to send out a special “thanks” to my good friend, Cheryl Alleway, for her positive emails when I needed them the most.

You know, I didn’t really think I would make this deadline. Two weeks ago, I had about a hundred pages to go and I hardly worked on it at all on our trip to Forks, WA. This past Friday I was still shy about sixty pages from where I wanted to be and from where I envisioned the end. Sunday morning, I wrote the remaining last few pages and was able to close the laptop, breathing a deep sigh of accomplishment.

Now, I find myself torn. My head is in Aspen’s world right now and yet I long to work on other projects and postpone the last book of the series, The Key of the Kingdom. I am thinking that I may work on some other ideas for a few months and come back to Thorne and Aspen when I am not so worn out. Six long books with little other work in between is a lot.

So about a book tour… Well, I have given this a lot of thought. I would like to have one, but I felt it a little unfair so deep in the series to expect bloggers to get acquainted with all five books, so I have foregone the tour for now. I have some fun ideas, so just because we aren’t having a blast hopping around the bloggesphere, doesn’t mean that I am discrediting it at all. I am just wanting it to be fun for everyone…including the bloggers who take the time to post about my work.

(If you are a blogger and would like to participate, feel free to let me know.)

So for now, know that I love each of you dearly and appreciate the time you take to read the story that has been working its way out of my head for many years now. To think that it took me nine years just to write the first book alone…that is a long time. I hope you hold as deep a love for my characters as I do!

Darkness shrouds the Darktowers as they press forward, the familiar cliffs in the forefront of their minds as their journey comes close to the end. Rothan sits over his mound of gold, the devil in command of his army with his evil eyes seeing each shadow, every corner, any opportunity with which to gain power, to flaunt the tree upon his palm and take what he covets most. And through the storm that brews, the light fades until the blackness chokes all in its path. A battle of wills dictates which path will be taken and when the torment ends, Aspen finds one brilliant shaft of light. A benevolent light. The most beautiful beam of light one has ever seen.

“I wanted to hear that you had perished…that I was free to keep her here as the symbol of peace and order, of love and light. You are the one flaw in my plan. But one day, one day…you will no longer own her.” ~King Rothan

Don’t worry, links will appear tomorrow, the official first day to have your own copy of The Benevolent Light… September 17th 2013!

Happy reading and God Bless!!

Happy Birthday to me! My eBooks are Free!

So I was born on June 18th, 1973. According to my kids, I am old. According to my body, I am old. According to my mind, I am old. But according to my heart, I am young. I will always be young.

moms book 115

To help me celebrate my big 40, I am putting my eBooks on sale for absolutely nothing and this is only on my birthday.

With the release of The Benevolent Light happening soon, now is the time to catch up on the rest of the Aspen Series.


Beginning at one minute after midnight, well, my time of course, you will be able to take advantage of such a sale. Don’t wait! Being able to break my own records of the most downloads would be such an amazing feeling on a day such as my own birthday. 😀 These downloads will be available on in Kindle books.

I want to thank all of you for following me here. I hit a very cool 100 followers just yesterday. Thank you for reading, thank you for believing in my dreams for me, and thank you for being fans. I think that the greatest experience would be to meet you all in person…spend a few hours just talking. That would be amazing because it is you, my readers and fans, that keep me going. You make me want to keep plucking away at the keyboard, one scene at a time and one chapter on top of another. It is true that I write for myself…but I suppose I also write for acceptance, for entertainment, and for your approval. It makes me most happy.


When I blow out the candles and laugh with my family and friends, I will think of those of you who have read my work and who have raised me to where I am today.

I am forever grateful…

September 17th, 2013! Release Date!

So after much hard work and beating myself up for not making my May deadline (that was the deadline in my mind), I am finally ready to set a date in stone.

September 17th, 2013, The Benevolent Light will be available via Kindle or paperback. I can authorgraph your digital copies or send you signed editions of the paperback!

For those of you interested that may not be caught up with the Aspen Series to date, my birthday is June 18th. Yes, that is Tuesday and I will put my books on sale through Amazon Kindle for the day. So not just “happy birthday to me”, you can score as well! Keep watching for freebie information and pass it along!

As the date gets closer, there will be some fun activities to participate in and possibly learn even more about me in the process.


Darkness shrouds the Darktowers as the press forward, the familiar cliffs in the forefront of their minds as their journey comes close to the end.
Rothan sits over his mound of gold, the devil in command of his army with his evil eyes seeing each shadow, every corner, any opportunity with which to gain power, to flaunt the tree upon his palm and take what he covets most.
And through the storm that brews, the light fades until the blackness chokes all in its path. A battle of wills dictates which path will be taken and when the torment ends, Aspen finds one brilliant shaft of light. A benevolent light. The most beautiful beam of light one has ever seen.

Have a peek at the trailer:

Are You A Professional Or A Wanna Be?

In the writing world, what constitutes being a professional writer?

Is it your job?

Is it your college degree?

Is it how many books you have published?

Is it about popularity?

Personally, I think that a writing professional is what is seen in the eye of the beholder. I don’t feel that any one person can tell you that you are or are not the best in the field.

As people, we idolize writers like Frost, Poe, and Tolkien…among many. What makes them so huge in our existence?

It is our perception, their amazing use of our language and the pictures they can paint in our minds. That is what makes them great. AND, many of our favorite writers were not even famous until after their death…long after their death.

I read a lot. I have my favorite authors (yes, Tolkien is one of them) and I enjoy discovering new authors who can work their magic in my brain. When I read a stellar book, in my own opinion, I think of them as successful and a professional. A mentor even.

I have met some very talented people who have never attended college, never took creative writing in high school, and rarely read anything. They are gifted with the ability to draw masterpieces inside my head. As self-publishing becomes more popular, many people have a hard time giving new authors a chance. This is why:

  • They had a bad experience with a previous author who didn’t know what they were doing.
  • Many indie authors don’t know the difference between to, two, and too. Or there and their. What about where and were…weather and whether…the list goes on.
  • Many indie covers look terrible. Well, even some published covers look terrible. But you know what I mean.
  • The story is thin and predictable. The same old story told yet another way.
  • The author doesn’t portray themselves as being professional.

I will admit…When I first began my writing adventures, I was more excited about having a publisher that believed in my abilities than taking the time to make my work spotless and perfect. When I realized my blunder, it was too late. My first printed book is a mess, riddled with typos and mistakes. Once it came time to hand out copies to people, I was embarrassed. I did book signings and promotions for it but felt very self-conscious about others looking at my dirty pages. The feeling is much like sitting in a cluttered and messy house and having your in-laws stop by. It is embarrassing, right?

That first book may have labeled me “unprofessional”. *sigh* That was not the reputation I was after. But is it ever one’s ambition? I don’t think so. The high of being published outweighs the reality of what it will look like without diligent attention to the final product.

Grammar mistakes are often grounds for dismissal of any new novel. Pay attention to your word usage. Write how you like to read. For me, I write simply so that people can be involved in the story and not stumble over my vocabulary. That is how I like to read. I have books that I have not made it beyond page one because I had to guess what a word meant or felt like I needed a dictionary handy to understand it. Am I not a smart person? I think I am very smart. But when you write with a thesaurus, it makes it difficult for your reader to get your message. It really does not make you look intelligent.  I have found that writing in common language keeps it real. It is easy for the reader to relate to. It also makes it feel more personal.

Have a cover worthy of picking up. It should reach out and tickle someone’s curiosity, not look  like it was put together on software from twenty years ago. Publishers can also be known for blazing through clients so fast that they produce less than par covers and no matter how loud you scream, theirs is the last word on the subject. If your publisher wants you to pay them to use your own art for a cover, PAY IT! Although I don’t believe that you should have to pay for your cover when they sign YOU to their contract, I know from experience that it is worth it to go with your gut and pay the money. If you are self-publishing, invest in a cover artist. Ask around for referrals from people you respect. It really does make all the difference. Unless you are experienced in making them, refrain from trying. Practice until another book comes out and you are that much better at it.

How many times have you read the story of a romantic encounter between two people that starts out good, then it gets pretty rocky and the girl leaves the man and he searches his soul and does anything to get her back? What about the mystery where a loved one is kidnapped, ransom is proposed and in the end, the police arrest the neighbor? Have you ever opened a book and known how it will end by the conclusion of the first chapter? Don’t be that transparent author. Put on that thinking cap and surprise your reader!

I go to websites all the time that have an interesting idea in a book, yet when you arrive at their blog, it is full of inappropriate language or comments that are unbecoming. Even sponsors in the sidebar can be offensive. I understand some genres having a particular theme going on, a horror book probably cares little about how they come across as it adds to the environment of their book. But to go on a site of a romance novelist or a nutrition counselor and find garbage content will make me decide against buying their book. If you want to be seen as a professional, you need to create the appearance that you are. If you need help with that, ask!

Do I consider myself a professional? I feel like I am just another person who does what they are passionate about. I write because I love it. Sometimes I write for my fans and what I think they will like to read. Sometimes I go for effect and twist things about to make them gasp in shock. I may not think I am a professional, but hearing feedback from my fans does make me feel important to them. Having a reader tell me that my characters feel like their best friends does make me feel like a professional.

In light of my seventh novel expected out in the next few months, I thought I might bring to light some of the points that authors miss. They are important to new readers so getting it right could be your ticket in…or out of the circle.

Here is a peek at my idea for my next cover of The Benevolent Light…


Where do we go from here?

The Benevolent Light


Where do we go from here?

A little over a month ago, I was set on finishing book five in the Aspen Series before I needed to return as a slave to corporate America. I’m pretty unmotivated for a number of reasons.

They say that a professional writer writes whether they feel like it or not. An amateur needs inspiration.

What do you think about that?

When I was blogging every day, I got a little burned out on writing really great content. (I was working as a blogger outside the home for the last 6 months.) By the time I got home, I didn’t care about writing anymore. When I write my books, I do depend on inspiration to guide me. My books are me. My emotions come out in what is between the covers of my works. I can’t just sit down and write something amazing on the spot. Sometimes it takes weeks of running a particular scene through my head, role playing conversations with myself just to get it right, and closing my eyes to allow my senses to become engaged with what I am writing about. Sometimes I even cry. (Lame, I know, but that is me.) I feel that there is a distinct difference between parts where I am inspired and when I am not in my books.

I keep my file open. In fact, I am on page 260 of The Benevolent Light. I open it on a daily basis…but I haven’t written a single word for weeks. I can’t visualize it right now…it is all dark. Ugh.

So what happens now? Do I push through the block or do I keep on the lookout for inspiration? Do I risk writing terribly or do I try to do it right the first time? Maybe there is no real answer to that.

Why not switch projects?

Well, I did for a while. In December, I wrote my piece for that anthology, “On Wings of Silver”. In November, I was working on my NaNo. In January I was working on a screenplay of my first book…Stopped that for a while. I get so excited and little support in making it happen. It is still a project I don’t want to abandon, but I won’t work on it again unless I can get the project set up first. No more wasted time. My focus has to be on this book and my focus is broken for the time being. lol

I suppose I should just put down at least one word a day. Eventually, they would all come together and the book will be done. Just one word at a time.