Doctor Love’s Two Cents…

“My boy, do not be so rash as to throw death at everyone. It should be God who takes a life, not another person.” ~ Doctor Love, Noble Courage Chapter 9

Humanity is so quick to steal that which does not belong to them…including life. It is such a gift and yet so many of us make those sad decisions that bring about the ultimate end of another’s life. Yes, I am most fortunate that I do not have to make those choices. Nor could I, I don’t think. Although my writing is riddled with death, it is the taking of imaginary people who come alive upon my pages. However, I’m so glad that it isn’t on my word that young men and women die on foreign soil. But I do recognize that those brave souls fight to protect me…and they don’t even know who I am. It amazes me that such a bond could be forged between people who have never met. Yet the pride I feel becomes all the stronger because one of my own is willing to be one of those who risks his life so that we can continue to live ours. Thank you to our military and thank you to Alex for paying the price I could not.

A Little Wisdom from Cappy

“I am a warrior. I fight to keep you safe and now I fight to keep her safe as well. I need nothing more than your graciousness, m’lord. I have no need for land, I am free, you supply me with coin, and I have position. I am happy.” ~ Cappy, Noble Courage Chapter 5

Sometimes we need to take a step back and think of what we are most thankful for in our lives. They may not always be what we want to have, but if our needs are met, we have no grounds to complain. Especially if we aren’t working towards fixing what we don’t like by ourselves. Life is ever changing. Will it matter what material things we posess when we pass away? Probably not. Be thankful for what you have or do something about it so you can be.

I find that I get lost in the sadness of children flying the nest or not having my home be just the way I’d like it to be. However, I love having the rest of my loving family around me, I have my talents, I have a roof over my head, and I have food in my belly. Things could be so much worse. I love what I have.

New and Improved Cover for Noble Courage!

My amazing artist, Dan RonQuillo from RonComp Technologies, has redesigned my cover for Noble Courage so I can put it up in Kindle’s eBook program. I was never happy with the cover my publisher slapped on there and am so overjoyed to have something that is a better fit! Dan has also designed my covers for Tears of Penance, Salvation of the Forgotten, and an eBook version of The Price of Power. There are photos on my website that he doctored for me from a photoshoot of a cast of characters as well. I sure appreciate this guy!!  🙂

Purpose in Life

“Don’t you take her from me now! For once let something good stay in my life and make me feel I have a purpose!” ~ Thorne Darktower, Noble Courage Chapter 4

I know we all have moments where we feel like this too. To be truthful, I’m going through it right now. But there comes a point when people cannot fill the voids you have in your heart, you must find the strength to heal those yourself. Believe me, it feels an impossible feat. But it can be done. Hobbies and pets can help you find a place within that you may feel might be lost. Your spouse should be one to turn to, one that can help you in whatever stage of life you find yourself. And for any of you that are religious, don’t forget to lean on God. He is there to carry you while you ail. We all have a purpose, we just need to fiure it out, use our talents in the right way, and when someone wrongs us, have the ability to forgive them and move on knowing you are better than all that.

Life is too short to let others control how you live it. Take control of your life and make it what you want it to be!  🙂

A Quote from Aspen Tiller

“That is proper etiquette, is it not? To beg forgiveness of those we wrong?”

~ Aspen Tiller, Noble Courage Chapter 3

This is one step in relationships that often gets neglected. Asking for forgiveness is an important part of proper healing. However, many times the one doing the wrong cannot swallow their pride and admit that they have done wrong. When anyone asks you for forgiveness, dig deep within your heart and try to find it in you to accept. It took a lot for them to come to you in the first place.

If we all made more of a practice of telling someone how sorry we are, perhaps there would be fewer broken families or children that grow up holding a grudge and spend their lives angry.  And although there are some things that can’t be worked out, many can and just aren’t. Be an angel to someone else. Guide them to a path where they too can find your degree of happiness, self esteem, or sucess. You will feel all the better for it!

I love my family dearly. My children are my life and my husband is my prince. We are a blended family and hit speed bumps along the way all the time. It is the power of “Oh man, I am really sorry!” that helps to keep us together. There are times when it is inadvertent that we offend someone, and times when it is quite intentional. But the elelment of asking someone to forgive them and start again is key to our survival! lol

Hello, I’m Here…

It is about time that I got with it and made a blog. This will be a fun ride for us all. My name is Daisha Marie Korth, I write books for everyone to read. I started my first book when I was 24…it took me 7 years to finish it. Now, I put out one book a year in my Aspen Series, a medieval fiction series that is loved by quite a few! Currently, it is four books strong and a prequel. I hope you have a great time escaping from your world and into mine! Visit for even more fun…