The Exclusive Lords and Ladies Club!


I’m so tickled to be able to introduce my very exclusive Lords and Ladies Club!

I wanted to find a way to thank readers for their loyalty to my work and I figured it would be a lot of fun to be able to send out event announcements, promotions, and even pieces of my writings that are unavailable to anyone else!

In fact, when you enter your email address, I will deliver a copy of The Serpent Strikes right to your inbox! That short book is the first story of five that make up the prequel to The Aspen Series. The only other way you can get this story is to buy the paperback from my publisher…but it won’t be available for much longer there either!

Please click here to claim your free eBook, The Serpent Strikes: Tales of Elgolan No. 1!


Be sure to check your “promotions” or “spam” folder if you don’t get my reply. My intention is not to inundate you with emails or spam. Your information is very important to me and I will NEVER knowingly pass it on without your permission.

The future is bright, my friend! I will be launching several new stories in 2015…and of course, I am working diligently on the final epic tale of The Aspen Series…The Key of the Kingdom!

I’m so excited to have you a part of my reader’s club! Thank you, thank you for reading!

Escape to my world today!


Daisha Marie Korth

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