The Tales of Elgolan Stories

The Tales of Elgolan stories are short supplemental readings that enhance the experience of The Aspen Series. These shorts expound upon events that have happened that just wasn’t possible throughout the books.

The Tales of Elgolan: Stories 1-5

Before there was Thorne and Aspen, there was Vatric and Lyndsay…

Before Aspen discovered the village of Cliffehaven, there was a small settlement camp called Little Harbour where death and poverty overshadowed those who live there. But there were two who dared to break free of the gloom move on to promised paradise. Together, Vatric and Lyndsay embark on the journey that would shape their lives as they fight to remain just beyond the clutches of the greedy Earl St. Michael.

Before there was Noble Courage, there were the Tales of Elgolan.

cover1(1)Story #1 The Serpent Strikes is now exclusively available to members of The Lords and Ladies Club! Just enter your email address and I will send the download right to your inbox!

Stories #2-5 will be available on Amazon shortly!


The Tales of Elgolan: The Christmas Spirits No. 6

While staying in Foxglove Pass, Aspen and Thorne enjoy the Christmas season while awaiting the birth of their third child. Death and grief riddle the city in the wake of Dracul’s murderous spree. At last, they breathe the clean air of freedom, but not without its price. At such a time of sadness, one special child is born that touches the lives of many and in the remembrance of those loved and lost, there comes a sense of peace that can only come from one person.

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